Tien Shan

Tien Shan. Heavenly mountains. They are mysterious and amazing. The snowy peaks here are similar to clouds, and the clouds are like powerful white mountains. Once being on the Tien Shan that is hidden behind impregnable slopes and stunning abysses, a human, like nowhere else on the planet, experiences a pervasive approaching the harmony of the sky.

Tea that grows on the Tien Shan, has absorbed unlimited power that will fill everyone, who will feel its fabulous taste, by health and vitality, wisdom and inspiration.

Almost every Ukrainian family knows the Tien Shan Collection® series in doypack packages, with an adjusted recipe of existing teas and new positions. The series consists of classic fruit blends and pure teas without additives.

Teas collected and processed exclusively by hand on small plantations in southern China are of exceptional quality and taste.

Tien Shan tea collected in China and in India. Products of the Tien Shan TM are packaged in any format convenient for you: loose or pyramid teabags.

Try it and choose your favorite taste.


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