Tien Shan

Tian Shan means celestial mountains. They are mysterious and amazing. Their snowy peaks look like beautiful clouds, and the clouds there seem so mighty as if they are huge white mountains. Due to being hidden behind forbidding mountainsides and abysses the Tian Shan let a person feel a genuine closeness to harmony of the sky if he is lucky to find himself there.  Only the tea growing in the Tian-Shan Mountains has absorbed an infinite strength which can fill with health, vivacity, wisdom and inspiration everyone tasted its fantastic flavor.

The Tian Shan® trademark offers a huge diversity of the best tea grades from China: Oolong, Pu-erh, black, red, green and herbal teas as well as combinations of tea blends with various fruits and herbs from our own collection which were carefully mixed by hand to meet your special needs and give you incomparable feelings when enjoying each cup. Living in the age of artificial things it is so important to get a real pleasure just from a cup of natural fragrant tea that may change the world any time!  There is only whole leaf tea in the Tian Shan® range of products which is divided into two main collections: 

Grand Collection®. Nowadays it represents 12 kinds of various tastes in pyramid teabags. Here you will find classic and exotic blends of green tea with fruits and teas without any flavorings or spices. 

The Tian Shan Collection® suggested in Doy-Packs is well-known among almost all Ukrainian families. It contains 8 items of classic fruit mixtures and clean teas without any additives.  They differ by quality and flavor being gathered and processed manually on the small tea plantations on the South of China. Feel free to discover a new taste and dive into the world of new impressions! 

The year of establishment: 2002

The trademark belongs to the TeaClub® company.


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