Sun Gardens

Sun Gardens is a timeless classic. Having tried it once, this tea will settle down in your home forever.

Sun Gardens trademark is a special collection of black and green teas. Here you can find your type of tea that will suit your specific needs. You will find the type of tea that fits to your specific ambiance and a certain mood. Be sure that any choice will be wonderful.

The production of Sun Gardens tea is ensured only by selected leaves collected on plantations of Ceylon and China.

You can choose from loose tea, pyramids and tea bags. You can also choose between the carton and metal packaging. All for your convenience.

Tea in metal packaging is especially popular as a gift.

Sun Gardens trademark is developing and expanding its product range with new types of tea. We never stop improving, we find new tastes and offers.

The only thing that never changes is quality. Sun Gardens is always a premium product.

Sun Gardens. Year after year, cup by cup.


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